Review The Book Kids & Parents Are “Craving”

11 year-old Author Makes Healthy Eating Fun in "Digest This Now!" (A Kid-Friendly & Doctor-Approved Guide to Nutrition).

A balanced diet is vital for health and it’s crucial to develop good eating habits young. Obesity is the leading cause of death in the United States and it’s no wonder why – the typical American diet is rich in fat, salt, and sugar and lacking in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Good nutrition is especially important for kids because their bodies grow so quickly…but the sad truth is that childhood obesity rates have been rising for decades. The good news: Learning about nutrition and healthy eating can be fun – and this book will show you why!

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About The Book.

Digest This Now! is a kid-friendly (doctor-approved) book written for kids…by a kid. As the son of a Gastroenterologist and a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Kai Nunziato-Cruz has learned about diet and nutrition his whole life. He’s watched his parents help adults get well and stay well through healthy eating and he felt it was his mission to take these same teachings to kids.

Written from the perspective of 11-year-old Kai, this easy-to-use guide is filled with cartoons, pictures, and facts about diet, nutrition, food, and digestion. It includes information and fun ideas the whole family can use to be healthy and fit. Kai also discusses common food-related health issues that can be fixed with proper diet.

Why You Need This Book.

Kids are notoriously picky eaters so teaching them to actually crave and enjoy healthy foods is no easy task. This book encourages kids to make nutritious food choices and to be adventurous with their healthy eating.

Good nutrition is important for kids and luckily many parents know this. What they don’t know however, is simply providing kids with healthy food is not enough. It’s just as important for kids to learn about healthy food as it is to eat it. Children are at a time in their life when they are constantly growing and learning new knowledge so that’s why habits are more likely to stay with you if you learn them as a kid.

The concepts discussed in this book are complex but accessible to kids. Filled with cartoons, pictures, and factoids, the book is as entertaining and informative for parents as it is for their kids.

“We are the next generation and we need to be healthy,” says Kai who is on a crusade to make his generation live longer healthier lives through nutritious eating. Though he may be young, Kai’s message has already spread to many families across the U.S. Here are some things families have said after reading this book:

“I can’t wait to see how many lives this book changes – both young and old.”

“An amazing book about our body and how to get it well, written for kids by a kid.”


Kai Nunziato-Cruz

Kai Nunziato-Cruz is the 11-year-old author of Digest This Now! As the son of Liz Cruz M.D., a board-certified Gastroenterologist, and Tina Nun­ziato, a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Kai has watched his Moms for years help adults get well and stay well with their books, podcast, online home study program and more and felt it was his mission to take those same teachings to kids.


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