Dave Farrow

Dave Farrow is best known for his brain power. Listed twice in the Guinness Book of Records for Greatest Memory, he is first and foremost an entrepreneur who mastered PR to promote his own business. Most PR professionals have a background working in television BUT have no sales or entrepreneurial experience. As for Dave, he took his skill in memory and developed several educational products and used PR as his primary sales tool. His results are impressive.

Dave has personally been on over 2000 media interviews, including multiple appearances on Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey, the Today Show, Fox and Friends, CBS Early Show, Live! With Regis and Kelly, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, The CW, QVC, Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and was the star of a CBC documentary. Most recently, Farrow won the $50,000 prize on the new hit show SuperHuman on Fox.

Sales Records: Dave Farrow sold an impressive $170,000 in online products sales as a result of ONE radio interview, and over a quarter million as a result of ONE TV interview. His appearances on Dr. Oz and other prime-time shows have also been highly successful resulting in over $55,000 in sales. This sales volume landed Farrow on the Amazon bestseller list in the category of memory for over a year, a sponsorship deal with Sony Corporation, and several venture-backed infomercials. These endeavors resulted in estimated sales over 10 MILLION WORLDWIDE.

Dave says the secret of his PR success is that he has experience knocking on the media’s door and getting in for over 20 years. His success comes from years of practice selling his own products. For years he supported himself solely from the web sales he received from traffic after media interviews. As a result, he developed the skill of selling in interviews without sounding like a salesperson. Today he runs Farrow Communications and applies this experience to his client’s sales and marketing strategies.

Arden Izzo

Media Relations Manager

Arden Izzo has followed her curiosity from the highlands of Peru to the CERN Nuclear Collider in Switzerland and many countries in between. Now a Media Relations Manager at Farrow Communications, this Buffalo native indulges in her love of writing and storytelling. With a Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Fredonia and a Master’s degree from Canisius College, she embraces a life-long approach to learning. Arden concentrates on media relations, client management, and social media strategy. A digital native with a passion for food, Arden can be found outside the office reading high-end restaurant menus.

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Maddie Czworka

Media Relations Specialist

Maddie Czworka has been a Media Relations Specialist since November 2021! She has Bachelor's Degrees in Communication & Sociology and a Master’s Degree in Health Communication from the University at Buffalo. She has a particular interest in women's and overall health authors and clients. Maddie has experience working with the media & non-profit organizations. When she’s not at work, she likes hiking & watering her plants!

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Malayika Mehra

Media Relations Specialist

Malayika is an alumna of the University at Buffalo, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Finance, with a minor in Higher Education. With an unwavering passion for brand storytelling and media-centric marketing, Malayika's journey has traversed continents and industries. Originally from India, Malayika has pursued their passion in a dynamic array of sectors, including marketing for mortgage, gastronomy, recreation, and camping enterprises.
In their spare time, Malayika focuses on artistic pursuits, from crafting jewelry and intricate henna tattoos to preparing diverse cuisines.

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