Farrow Communications is a full-service public relation and digital marketing agency. Although based in Buffalo, NY, our clients hail from different time zones and country codes. With a diverse and multi-cultured team headed by Dave Farrow, we understand the little nuances and details needed for a campaign to succeed in your area of specialty and location. After all, our mission is to elevate your brand to a dependable and understandable concept that can truly resonate and ultimately, create die-hard followers. Yippee ki yay.

Media Relations

Farrow Communications can help with media and public relations. Our team of former broadcast journalists and media industry insiders is unmatched. Our executives have spent decades building their Rolodex of producers, news directors, hosts, and talent. When they see our name in their inboxes they are eager to open our message. Let us put your name in front of millions.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Farrow Communications has an in-house team of social media gurus who can help take your online brand to the next level. Social media is a large integration of our daily lives. Did you know that one-in-three people use Facebook and over 5 million tweets are sent each day? Other companies will charge you thousands for Search Engine Optimization, but as a client of Farrow Communications, we’ll take care of it for you.

Web Design & Development

In today’s digital world, it is vital to have an active online presence. We have experience in building websites, landing pages, and digital sales funnels. All tailored to ensure that it meets your specific goals.

Product Development

Do you want to make a video course or instructional material that is up to university standards? Farrow Communications is a leader in online and offline educational products. Dave Farrow has developed and sold millions of dollars in training programs and brings real-life experience to every aspect of the work.

Speaker Services

Dave Farrow has been in the hot seat with over 2,000 interviews. As a client, you’ll be in constant communication and receive coaching from someone who has been in your shoes. Our team will create a speaker page for you, identify all relevant trade shows and events, and we’ll track deadlines for speaking submissions and interviews.

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