New Book Wins The Hearts of Both Cynics & Hopeless Romantics

"How to Fall in Love" - Examining Classic Romance in the Digital Age

Ah Valentine’s Day, the most divisive of all holidays. On one side are the hopeless romantics who gush about soulmates, fate, and fairytales. On the other side are the cynics who roll their eyes at love and scoff at the pink and red displays of cupids, hearts, and arrows. One thing they can agree on this year: reading How to Fall in Love, a funny and life-affirming new book that’s surprisingly winning hearts on both sides of the love debate.

Client: Dalma Heyn & Richard Marek
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“How to Fall in Love: A Novel is as fast-paced as a good thriller, and as riveting.”

– David Morrell, Author of Brotherhood of the Rose

About The Book.

Released on February 5 from The Story Plant, How to Fall in Love is a provocative love story for the digital age.

The story opens when Cupid, the once-revered god of love, learns the heavens are downsizing and he will be let go. In the age of Tinder and online dating, his job is deemed expendable. After all, in these wired days, a love god seems quaint and pointless. Cupid manages to buy a little bit of time by asking for one more chance to show that he can orchestrate a love for the ages . . . but the clock is ticking. Down on Earth, Cupid’s powers are put to the ultimate test when he is assigned to match an unlikely couple: Eve, a young widow who has vowed never to love again and Evan, a well-known anthologist with a penchant for commitment-free affairs. Will Cupid be able to prove his worth before it’s too late?

“Move over, Romeo and Juliet, Burton and Taylor, even Baby and Johnny― here come Evan and Eve! Their tale―a daringly simple, utterly fresh love story―made me laugh and made me cry.”

– Linda Gottlieb, Producer of Dirty Dancing

Why People are Obsessing Over This Love Story.

While at first glance, this book may seem like a self-help guide for singles, it is actually a provocative novel with unique insight into dating in the age of Tinder hookups. Written by a husband and wife team of New York Times best-selling authors, How to Fall in Love is a heartwarming and funny love story that encourages readers to re-examine their conceptions of romance and the role of love in their life.

This book is, of course, a must-read for anyone in love or looking for love, but it especially resonates with cynics who have written off the possibility of romance. In the era of online dating, Cupid’s age-old trappings like hand-written love notes and flowers have fallen by the wayside. Many people make what they believe to be romantic connections without ever even holding hands! This book speaks to the current “hook-up” culture of society and promotes timeless wisdom for the modern age.


Dalma Heyn & Richard Marek

Husband and wife team Dalma Heyn and Richard Marek are the authors of How to Fall in Love. Heyn is the author of the New York Times best-seller The Erotic Silence of the American Wife, Marriage Shock and Drama Kings. Her books, published in 35 countries, have been best-sellers both here and abroad. Richard Marek is one of the most accomplished book editors and publishers of his generation, working with writers James Baldwin, Thomas Harris, and Robert Ludlum, among many others. He is the author of Works of Genius and has ghostwritten a number of best-sellers.


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