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Gift-Giving Service Takes Stress Out of Holiday Shopping.

Gift-giving makes the holidays stressful. And it’s no wonder why. According to a study by the National Retail Federation, 48% of US consumers return items to the store the week after Christmas.

Client: Sara Rodell (CEO & Founder)
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The Power of Gifting Automation.

Everyone wants to give the perfect gift but with so many options available today it’s difficult to choose. The pressure is high to find something unique and fun, or practical and customized – not to mention the added chaos that comes with holiday shopping.

But thanks to Loop & Tie, the pressure is off and the holidays can be fun again.

Through Loop & Tie, companies replace the dated gifting practice of sending the same product to everyone. Instead, they send a collection of choices in a branded digital choice experience. The recipient chooses the item they value the most and it’s shipped to their doorstep. Gift senders can select from pre-curated Loop & Tie collections ranging from $25-$500 or gift their own products. Loop & Tie’s first-to-market technology keeps the price hidden from users but gives them the power to choose the gift most suitable to them. Their hand-selected, curated gifting options ensure that every experience inspires delight.

“When we gave our fans their choice of gift, we heard back from more people than in any other outreach campaign we’d ever done.”

– Jamie Brandt, VP Sales & Service San Francisco 49ers

Age of Personalization.

In today’s age of personalization, customers want to choose what matters to them. Loop & Tie is the only gifting solution that matches this culture shift. Loop & Tie has proven that choice drives customer engagement, with 80% of gift recipients responding with a custom thank you note. It takes gifting to a whole new level and has allowed people to master the art of gift-giving with just a few clicks. Loop & Tie is the 2017 equivalent of walking into a store with someone and telling them “Pick out whatever you’d like”.

“We saw the opportunity to use gift choice as a new form of customer communication. By replacing the dated practice of sending the same item to everyone with the Gift of Choice, companies can give more interesting items and customers get items that they keep and value.”

– Sara Rodell, CEO & Founder of Loop & Tie


Sara Rodell

Sara Rodell is the founder of Loop & Tie, the company making it easy for companies to connect with customers through gifting. A former equity sales broker on Wall Street, Sara has been active within the NYC tech community, regularly speaking and influencing the next generation of female leaders in tech. The company recently won the 2017 Salesforce Dreampitch competition from a field of thousands of competitors, earning the company an additional $250K.

Since launching in 2012, her startup has gained the backing of high profile investors, including Steve Case, captured the attention of major media outlets, like Forbes, and now works with major clients including the San Francisco 49ers and Visa.


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