Dr. Greg Reid

A Media Relations Campaign Case Study

01. Campaign Overview

Dr. Greg Reid, a world-renowned speaker, best-selling author, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, hired us to promote his brand and his latest book “Wealth Made Easy”. The main goal of this campaign was to secure interviews, especially on local TV and Radio shows in San Diego so that Dr. Reid could use the footage in future sizzle reels. Another campaign goal was to secure book reviews and article placements, which raises book sales (as consumers are directed to the website buying link) and improves SEO (when the book’s web link or name is mentioned on other sites, it raises the Google Rank).

Client: Dr. Greg Reid
Website: GregReid.com
Services: Media Relations & Book Review

02. Client Info

Bestselling author, Dr. Greg Reid is a world-renowned speaker, filmmaker, and entrepreneur known for his giving spirit and knack for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts. Published, co-authored, and featured in more than 50 books, 28 bestsellers in 45 countries, five motion pictures, and featured in countless magazines, Dr. Reid demonstrates that the most valuable lessons we learn are also the easiest ones to apply.

03. Campaign Results

In just 9-weeks, we secured 18 media placements in radio, print, and TV! These placements include feature articles in top-tier outlets like Business Insider, Inc. Online, and Business.com; as well as numerous radio and podcast interviews (one on CBC Radio); and print features in several financial-focused news sites and blogs. To Dr. Reid’s delight, we also secured 2 television interviews on local San Diego TV shows (KUSI-TV, and KFMB-TV); and we received book requests from media giants like Fast Company, and CNBC – Make It! This campaign also attracted the interest of an editor at Bloomberg News who invited Dr. Reid to be a panel moderator at the NYC Financial Writers’ Association event.

To see all the media placements we secured for this campaign, click on the button below.

04. What We Did

For this campaign, we built a media list of approx. 5000 contacts on the national and local level in radio, print, and TV. These media contacts were selected based on their geographic location and subject matter. We choose TV/radio producers, and journalists covering book reviews, business, wealth, lifestyle, self-help, etc. We also targeted bloggers and social media influencers that do book reviews and cover wealth, business, and lifestyle topics.

Media Contact List Example

The story was angled in a variety of different ways to appeal to each media type. For radio and TV, we pitched Reid as a wealth expert, sharing unlikely advice from billionaires, and for print outlets, we explicitly requested book reviews and framed Reid as thought-leader offering actionable tips for entrepreneurs. We put extra emphasis on local outreach to San Diego media and created a pitch that featured Reid as a home-town success story.

To get these stories in front of the media, we reached out through several channels of communication. We sent HTML eblasts, we created and sent physical Media Mailers, we pitched by phone and individualized email, and we also reached out on social media.

Here are a few of the headlines and pitches we wrote for this campaign:

LOCAL CEO MAKES NATIONAL HEADLINES FOR SHARING BILLIONAIRES’ WEALTH HACKS: So Cal Entrepreneur Reveals Unlikely Advice from World’s Wealthiest

NEW BOOK PROVIDES BILLIONAIRES’ WISDOM TO CRACK THE CODE OF PROSPERITY: Millionaires and Billionaires Help You Crack the Code to Getting Rich

UNLIKELY WISDOM FROM THE WORLD’S WEALTHIEST: Wealth Expert Shares Surprising Advice from Billionaires Around the Globe

An Example of Our Physical Media Mailers and Digital Media Experience

05. Why This Campaign Worked

One reason this campaign was successful, is because we angled the story to fit in with current news, trends, and events. Rather than just giving a synopsis of the book and asking for a review, we incorporated specific reasons why Wealth Made Easy should be on every entrepreneur’s radar. Each pitch had a specific request and call to action: either to book Reid for an interview or to request a review copy of the book.

Another factor that resulted in success was the sheer volume of media outreach we did on Dr. Reid’s behalf. In addition to sending the eblasts to thousands of targeted media contacts on the national level, we also reached out by phone and individualized email to hundreds of media contacts from top-tier outlets AND we pitched the local story to every relevant media producer and editor in the greater San Diego area.

06. What The Client Said

“Farrow Communications is professional, easy to work with, and most of all, they get results. My book and brand have been blowing up. Dave Farrow and his team at farrowcommunications.com got me in Business Insider, Inc. Online, KUSI-TV, KFMB-TV, and more! I highly recommend them.”

– Dr. Greg Reid, Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Business Leader

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