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Industry Expert Shares How to Bring Unseen Opportunities Into Focus - "Tireless: Key Principles that Drive Success Beyond Business School".

Business success doesn’t just happen by accident. How you spend your time, and the decisions you make all matter. Of the half-million new businesses opened each month, only half will survive longer than five years. So what is it that makes someone a success in business? Is there an element of luck, or is it something else?

Client: Kim Lorenz
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About The Book.

Released on November 12, 2019, from Made For Success Publishing, Tireless is an inspirational business memoir that offers constructive insights for prosperity in business and in life.

Author, Kim Lorenz started from nothing, a common theme, but founded two companies, ran them successfully and sold them to Fortune 500’s. Through thought-provoking, insightful and engaging stories with real-world examples, Lorenz provides practical advice on the fundamentals of success. His personal anecdotes motivate you to seek and seize the opportunities in front of you because your next decision could dictate the trajectory of life. If you do not take action on building your knowledge base, then nothing happens.

Tireless inspires readers to view life differently. Not only will it open up your eyes to the business opportunities that surround you, but it will also show you exactly what to do once you get there. Get inspired, see hidden opportunities, and learn from true business stories that aren’t taught in business school. Tireless is a testimony to those who strive to seek opportunity. It is a must-read for everyone that is determined to win.

“Great book for anyone in management of a business or thinking of starting a business. The real-life stories illustrate ways to manage the obstacles you are sure to encounter. A great guide for business and life.”

– George Bagley, Airline President and CEO (former)

Why It’s a Must Read for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

This business memoir is upbeat, fast-paced, and entertaining. Although it is easy to read, it is information-rich and filled with provocations for reflection and action. Lorenz offers incisive usable advice about establishing and leading any type of company. His insights and strategies align with current business theory and are relevant to both nascent entrepreneurs and veteran business owners, alike.

Lorenz shows that business success relies heavily on “seeing the unseen” and that anyone can develop a successful business by noticing unsolved problems. It is a user-friendly blueprint that explains exactly how to find hidden opportunities and convert them into profitable, novel business streams. This book also speaks to the value of employee relations and communication. Employers and managers will learn how to foster a team of problem-solvers and micro innovators.

Above all, this book inspires the passion and optimism needed to succeed in business. Through his engaging personal anecdotes, Lorenz proves the power of positive thinking and follow-through.

“Timeless tips on business success. A must-read for entrepreneurial-minded executives.”
―Howard Behar, President of Starbucks (retired)

“Great book for anyone in management of a business or thinking of starting a business. The real-life stories illustrate ways to manage the obstacles you are sure to encounter. A great guide for business and life.”
―George Bagley, Airline President and CEO (former)

“Kim’s book illustrates through real-life anecdotes three fundamentals of life success: seek and seize opportunities for advancement, do not cheat, and work ‘Tirelessly’ hard. It adds an essential element for business success: make sure the opportunities are defined by genuine customer needs.”
―Marc Onetto, Senior Vice-President of Operations and Customer Service, Amazon.com (Retired)


Kim Lorenz

Kim Lorenz is an author, entrepreneur, and visionary who founded two companies starting at age 26 with no backing or funding, built and ran them successfully, and sold them to Fortune 500 companies before he was 47. Through his years as a business owner, partner, and CEO, Lorenz has developed a key understanding of what it takes to succeed in business. His mission is to teach vital tools essential for business success beyond what is taught in business schools. Lorenz earned his MBA from the University of Washington, Foster School of Business. Lorenz is the former Commodore of the Seattle Yacht Club, a 39-year Rotarian. Serving as Rotary Liaison with World Vision, the collaborative teams he initiated have completed over $20 million in clean water projects with over 1 million beneficiaries in developing countries worldwide. He is a business consultant, proven leader, public speaker, and motivator, a pilot for 40 years, and holds a USCG Captains’ license. Today, he lives with his wife in Bellevue WA.


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