Why The Second Phase Of #MeToo Is Crucial For Moving Forward

Female Thought Leader Shows How Standing In Power, Not Anger, Is The Key To True Change.

In the past year, there have been numerous public accounts of sexual misconduct against women. These cases sparked a tabloid avalanche which shattered the silence unlike anything else. But is the women’s movement going in the wrong direction? According to female activist Leeza Carlone Steindorf, standing in power, not anger, will balance the scale for equality.

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“Gender inequality has been present for centuries, but with this conversation in the national spotlight, women must be strategic in their reaction and action in order toget the results we all NEED.”

The #MeToo Movement.

This is the second phase of the #MeToo movement and according to Steindorf, women need to change their core paradigm in order to make the difference. The credibility of this movement is paramount to its success. Fueling the fire will only cripple justified change and acting from the anger with your past will NOT result in equality.

So where do we draw the line?

When does our anger become more important than change?

The unfortunate case with comedian Aziz Ansari had news outlets questioning the legitimacy of allegations, asking if #MeToo has gone too far and what the next phase of this movement will be.

As women, the world often pushes back when we live from our passion and power. We learn to hide our amazingness and learn to play small or, to counter that, we shut down or become hard. Much of our lives we end up waiting for something to change, looking to others for permission, asking for instead of giving ourselves what we want. This is women’s chance to create tomorrow differently from yesterday to architect their life as they wish it to be.

“If women want change, we need to stand in power and become a voice for educating both genders.”

In An Interview/Article, Leeza Can Share:

  • How standing in power, not anger will balance the gender equality scale
  • The secrets to changing the core paradigm of the women’s movement
  • How women can make a difference in #MeToo Part2
  • How women can be strategic in their actions and reactions
  • How angry judgment is crippling justified change


Leeza is giving advice to women on how to really make an impact so #MeToo Part 2 will be the start to true gender equality.


Leeza Carlone Steindorf

Leeza Carlone Steindorf is the Organizer of WOMAN UNDAUNTED, a retreat that teaches women how to engage in important conversations and provides them with meaningful tools for permanent change so that they may live passionately, confidently, and happy with who they are, meeting the challenges they face with conviction, confidence, and ease. (See more about Woman Undaunted here).

Leeza uses her unique approach and powerful message to help individuals and organizations break through their limitations and create radical results. An inspirational speaker, seasoned business consultant and award-winning author, Leeza is a trained Jack Canfield Success Trainer, Mastermind Coach for Steve Harrison, Women Undaunted Facilitator, Corporate Trainer, and Mediator.

Her online training Parenting Success Blueprint, the award-winning book Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids, and CORE Success for Schools (Frieden Lernen in German) draw from her expertise as a professional development trainer for domestic and international school systems and their families.


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