Ulrich Kellerer

A Media Relations Campaign Case Study

01. Campaign Overview

Ulrich Kellerer, an inspirational business leader, speaker, author, and mental health activist from Munich, Germany, hired us to promote his book and overall brand in the American market. The main goal of this campaign was to help Ulrich build credibility as an inspirational leadership expert and business thought-leader through book reviews, article placements, and interviews. This kind of media attention not only increases exposure and visibility, but it also builds credibility especially for speakers looking to book gigs in the business and leadership industry.

Client: Ulrich Kellerer
Services: Media Relations & Book Review

02. Client Info

Ulrich Kellerer’s decades of success in the fashion industry seemed destined from his earliest days living on a farm south of Munich, Germany – but it’s his current emergence as a talented storyteller, book writer and inspirational speaker that is giving his life a deeper meaning and purpose. After years of helping others look amazing, these endeavors are allowing him to have an impact on people he could never meet if he hadn’t ventured beyond the world of fall/spring collections and runways.

03. Campaign Results

Over the course of 12 months, we garnered nearly 75 print placements, book reviews, and interviews for Ulrich. These placements included feature articles in the top business publications like Forbes, and Entrepreneur, as well as bylined articles in high readership magazines like HR Technologist, CEOWorld, and Ladders. We also secured interviews for Ulrich on radio and TV morning shows, news programs, and business podcasts, (like Spectrum TV News, OC Talk Radio, and The Pivotal Leader), as well as countless placements on self-help and business leadership blogs.

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04. What We Did

For each campaign, we built a media list of over 5000 contacts on the national and local level in radio, print, and TV. These media contacts were selected based on their geographic location and subject matter. We chose TV/radio producers, and journalists covering leadership, mental health, business, human resources, and self-help topics. We also targeted bloggers and social media influencers that do book reviews and post about advice, parenting, and lifestyle topics.

Media Contact List Example

Ulrich’s story was angled in a variety of different ways to appeal to different demographics. One of the most successful pitches for business media framed Ulrich as a leadership expert commenting on the importance of face-to-face communication in the digital age.

One of Ulrich’s goals was to get exposure in spiritual and self-help-focused media. To attract these outlets, we created a human-interest pitch that told Ulrich’s story and tied it into current events. The pitch positioned Ulrich as an inspirational thought-leader sharing how to find hope in turbulent times. To attract self-help and parenting bloggers we pitched Ulrich as a Mental Health Advocate sharing how parents can encourage a healthy mindset in kids.

Here are a few of the headlines and pitches we wrote for this campaign:

DAMAGING EFFECTS OF DIGITAL COMMUNICATION: Leadership Expert Shares Why Face-to-Face Communication Is Vital for Business Success in 2019

EMOTIONS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN 2018: CEO Shares Profiting Power of Positive Thinking in a Year Plagued by Negativity

A SPIRITUAL QUEST: Inspirational Thought-Leader Shares How to Find Hope in Turbulent Times

REQUEST FOR BOOK REVIEWS: One Moment Can Change Your Life – Extraordinary Stories About Ordinary People

CAN SHARING STORIES INCREASE LONGEVITY & FIGHT DEPRESSION? Inspirational Expert Shares the Power Behind this Simple Act

MENTAL HEALTH & MILLENNIALS: Mental Health Advocate Shares How Parents Can Encourage a Healthy Mindset in Kids →

An Example of Our Physical Media Mailers and Digital Media Experience

05. Why This Campaign Worked

Positioning Kellerer as a business thought-leader commenting on current industry trends garnered interest not only from business-focused radio shows and consumer blogs but also appealed to national media giants like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and CEO World. Focusing on a specific problem in the industry (the damaging effects of digital communication) resonated strongly with this demographic. We believe framing him not only as an expert commentator but also as a thought leader providing solutions, secured the placements as his message responded to a growing need in the industry.

Ulrich’s diverse professional and cultural background made him an extremely versatile client. He was able to speak on a wide range of subjects which allowed us to create totally different pitches for each campaign. Regardless of the topic or the demographic we were targeting, each pitch had a specific request and call-to-action (either to book Ulrich for an interview, to feature him in an article, or to request a sample of his book to review).

06. What The Client Said

“The graphics Farrow Communications created for me were awesome. I posted them on my social media accounts to promote the release of my book and it definitely generated buzz. It made my page look professional and I got a ton of likes. I absolutely recommend their services.”

– Ulrich Kellerer, Author & High Fashion Industry Leader

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