DeadSoxy – An Ultimate Sock Obsession

The Socks Everyone's Obsessed With.

Changing the Foot Game One Step at a Time. Unless you live in tech-free solitude, you have probably heard people talking about DeadSoxy. It’s the Dallas-based sock company that produces snazzy, high-quality socks that are 100% Made-in-America. Everyone from millennials and hipsters to professionals and athletes can’t seem to get enough of them.

Client: Jason Simmons (CEO & Founder)
Website: deadsoxy.com
Media Request: Product Review

How can a simple sock generate so much buzz?

Socks may literally be the most boring article of clothing…but DeadSoxy is changing this opinion one step at a time by reinventing the underrated apparel. After years of searching for the perfect sock, creator Jason Simmons (a sock and fashion enthusiast from birth) was disappointed with what he found.

“It didn’t matter if I spent $2 dollars or $200, my socks would eventually get holes, lose stretch, or slip off my heel…even when they were no slip! I realized that if I wanted my dream socks, I’d have to make them myself,” says Simmons.

“People think I’m crazy but I engineered these socks to have literally everything you could possibly want.”

Why are these socks so amazing?


Uber-soft, high-end yarn enables a cool and dry environment for your feet and means no shrinking


Superior dyes keep socks from fading and the distinct patterns give your outfit an extra dose of style


Engineered in a U.S. knitting mill to create a unique technical design that no other sock on the market has


These technical specifications keep our socks, whether crew or no show, from slipping or falling; so you get a comfortable wear & put together look ALL day


They are THE ONLY company ever to offer a money back guarantee if they slip off your foot.


DeadSoxy boasts that over 7 out of every 10 customers are repeat customers. A 70% customer repurchase rate is unheard of in the apparel space. “There is no greater joy than to take a risk, put your heart and soul into it, and have people like/love what you’ve created. I am so grateful people really love our products,” says Simmons.


Jason Simmons

Simmons is the innovative CEO & founder of DeadSoxy. He refused to accept that traditional sock-manufacturing was the best that can be done. He took his time to understand every aspect of sock production and recreated what is now the perfect high-performance sock.

The company officially launched in May of 2015 and in the first 2 years sold over 120,000 pairs of socks all over the world. The brand is currently sold in 62 select specialty stores in the US, Canada, UK, and New Zealand.

Recently, DeadSoxy was ranked #5 among Dallas startups and Simmons was named #2 on the up and coming fashion designers in Texas list. Simmons was also nominated for designer of the year.


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