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About SitTight®.

Utilize all the time you spend sitting to improve your health instead of damaging it. SitTight’s revolutionary chair design stabilizes your spine and strengthens your core by requiring you to balance on your center of gravity as you sit. Balanced Active Sitting® improves your posture, burns calories and helps you stay alert and focused, resulting in an overall healthier lifestyle.


Scott Bahneman

Scott Bahneman is an ergonomics expert on a mission to teach others in the corporate world how to combat the “sitting disease”. He is the founder & chairman of SitTight™, a company that has transformed sitting into an activity that improves your health by using your body’s natural ability to balance. Bahneman has been featured on Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca, Fast Company Magazine, and last year, SitTight™ won the Bronze Award at the 2018 Edison Awards!


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