New Picture Book Raises Awareness of Autism

Author shares how to welcome special needs children into the community in "Stewie BOOM! and Princess Penelope"!

Autism is the fastest-growing disability in the US. In 2000 the rate of autism was 1 in 150 children. In 2016, the number jumped up to 1 in 68 and some reports find the number is as high as 1 in 28 for boys! Often people with invisible disabilities like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are misjudged, and therefore, face added stigma and isolation. They need a higher level of support from peers and caregivers. Without support, the growing number of children with ASD and their families will continue to suffer social isolation and stigmas. Christine Bronstein (a children’s author and parent of a child with special needs,) is on a mission to inform young people and their families about Autism.

Client: Christine Bronstein
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Christine Bronstein (a children’s author and parent of a child with special needs,) is on a mission to inform young people and their families about Autism.

About The Book.

The Stewie BOOM! series from Nothing But The Truth Publishing makes parenting fun. Through these engaging picture books — with parent tips at the end of each book — author Christine Bronstein empowers families to tackle parenting issues with fun and ease.

The latest book in the series, Stewie BOOM! and Princess Penelope: Handprints, Snowflakes, and Playdates (released April 2018) shows readers how children and families can embrace differences and it also gives parents the tools to help facilitate successful social interactions between children with ASD and their typical playmates.

“If they were represented as a group, people with disabilities would be the largest minority group in the US and they are very underrepresented in the world of publishing. These are the voices I like to focus on and empower through my work as an author and as a publisher.”

– Christine Bronstein

Why You Need This Book.

Whether or not your family has a child with special needs, this easy-to-read picture book is not only entertaining and educational for kids, it is also incredibly useful for parents. It includes parenting advice and activity ideas at the end and the story encourages young people to face challenges and overcome adversity in a positive and kid-friendly way. With Autism Spectrum Disorder on the rise, this book raises awareness of the advantages of inclusion and finding points of connection with children with ASD. Bronstein’s inspiration for writing the book comes from her own experience parenting a child with special needs.Her message has helped thousands of children and their families deal with disabilities. She has advice for young people and their families on inclusivity and welcoming special needs children in our community.

“A useful and compassionate tale about inclusivity for kids and parents.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“The Stewie BOOM! series should be on every pediatrician’s recommended reading list.”
– Dr. Bill Sears, 40-time Bestselling Author


Christine Bronstein

Christine Bronstein is an entrepreneur, a mom, an author, a philanthropist and a wife. She is the founder of Nothing But The Truth Publishing and the author of the Stewie BOOM! series of children’s books. Christine is a graduate of Emerge California and Columbia/UC-Berkeley executive MBA program. She was the CEO of one of the few women-run, venture-backed health and fitness companies in the nation for eight years and was president of a child-welfare foundation for three years. Christine is married to Bay Area journalist, Phil Bronstein and they have three children, multiple dogs, and several other small creatures.


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