New Picture Book Inspires The Next Generation of Leaders

"Glowstone Peak", A Tale of Leadership & Collaboration Through the Eyes of Children.

Many of us were raised with the notion that children were to be seen and not heard. We were taught to be respectful, to follow the rules, and to be compliant with authority. But after childhood we discover, challenging the status quo is what brings new thought and possibilities into the world. It’s not easy to forge a new path and go against the grain. It is an art that should be taught.

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Glowstone Peak is a fantasy picture book encouraging readers of all ages to be empathetic leaders and influential agents of change.

About The Book.

A defining tale of our time, Glowstone Peak is a moving story of courage, influence, and hope that challenges young and old readers alike to question what “everybody says.”

When magic disappears from the Brightwood Forest, Selvia decides she must do something to bring it back. No one trusts the Gnomes and fearsome creatures that live in the mountains, but Selvia wonders if they’re really to blame. She sets out on an adventure to restore the life she has always known but discovers a new magic along the way. Richly illustrated, this moving and beautiful story will inspire readers of all ages to question what “everyone says” and find a new magic of their own.

“Important message in this book for any age. In a world where more kindness and compassion is needed, this book hits at the right time. The drawings are wonderful and the questions at the end will be engaging for classrooms, dinner tables and the last thing some children think about as they close their eyes at night.”

– ACC, Amazon Reviews

Why You Need This Book.

Non-conformists are pejoratively thought of as rebellious and difficult – and they often are. …but perhaps it is because these change agents never learned the fine art of questioning and leadership in childhood. This book encourages readers to question the status quo respectfully and peacefully. With lessons that resonate with both children and adults, Glowstone Peak is an amazing tool to teach necessary life skills on leadership and collaboration.

The book itself is a tangible representation of the leadership lessons within; it is a product of a family collaborating and working together to accomplish a common goal. Karin Hurt, David Dye (husband and wife team of internationally recognized leadership experts) provided the foundational lessons for the book while their son Sebastian (a 12-year old lover of science -fiction and magic) created the characters, the fantasy plot, and the concept drawings.

The book is a valuable resource that provides lessons on multiple platforms. It includes a section of questions and talking points in the back, and it also comes with access to enrichment activities online. Books on leadership and collaboration are often dry (if presented to adults) or have a syrupy-sweet, after-school-special tone (if presented to kids). This book pushes the boundaries and is entertaining and educational for readers of all ages.


The Hurt-Dye Family

Karin Hurt, David Dye, and their son Sebastian are the authors of Glowstone Peak. The family wrote this book to help both kids and adults learn about collaboration and leadership. The husband and wife team are internationally recognized leadership and employee engagement experts, keynote leadership speakers, trainers, and the award-winning authors of Winning Well: A Manager s Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul. Together, they run Let’s Grow Leaders – an international leadership development and consulting company located outside of Washington D.C. Like his parents, Sebastian is also a leader and entrepreneur. He loves to make ordinary days magical with an illusion and entertainment business he created called Laughter and Magic.


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