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About Dream A Better Dream.

Dream A Better Dream is a call to action. The turbulent nature of current events is indicative of major imbalances in personal and global energy fields. Judging from history, there has never been an era of peace and harmony, which begs the question–why is that? The answers to this enigma have been buried in the shrouded mystery of our past –before time– when our collective energies created this physical Universe. As a result, the Earth and everything on it became solidified into heavy matter and encapsulated in physical form, while being steeped into darkness.


Marina Shakour Haber

Marina Shakour Haber was born in Tehran, Iran; spent her youth in Munich, Germany; took her education to Paris, France; and continued her studies in Vancouver, Canada before settling in America in 1987 to pursue her dreams of starting her own business.

Shakour Haber is now an author and speaker whose life’s purpose is to open people’s minds to the untapped wealth and abundance waiting to be discovered when they break away from restricting beliefs. She wrote Dream A Better Dream to help people transform the negativity of our society into one of hope and great new potential.


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