This Dysfunctional Government Needs a Fresh Perspective

Mikado’s TRUE American Party Challenges the Right & Left to Stop California’s Corruption.

Hawk Mikado, a pro-business millennial, wants to get career politicians out of the way and introduce California to a new political party.

Client: California Governor Candidate, Hawk Mikado
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“I realized that there was an even greater mission to create a new party, a new movement, a new way of life. One that truly represented Americans as a whole”

– Hawk Mikado

Why Politics?

Mikado is the “candidate for the new generation” and founder of the TRUE American Party whose mission is to create true and lasting freedom for the future, programs that will benefit California and America for the New Generation and ever-changing world, and honor his true values and beliefs without selling out to the OLD Two-Party System that makes us vote for the “Better of Two Evils”.

Early in his political journey, Mikado struggled to find which party truly resonated with his values and beliefs. Since he had both Conservative leanings on economic issues and Liberal leanings on Social issues, he went to both party meetings but discovered they were arguing to accomplish the same thing. Both parties wanted to replace the same assemblyman…and were fighting to hire the same position! It didn’t make sense! Hawk knew then that the old two-party system was outdated and frankly obsolete.

A Trend of Changing Demographics:
Millennials favor innovation and change. Just as they embrace new technology, so too will they embrace a new political system. Although the average millennial is not Republican, they are very pro-entrepreneurship and Hawk is on the cutting edge of this trend. Millennials today are rejecting traditional parties and need a change.

“California is the most technologically advanced state in the world and we need to embrace this new wave of change.”

– Hawk Mikado

Mikado’s Platforms:

  • Supporting Marijuana Entrepreneurs to Have a Stronger, Safer, and More Stable Business
  • Unleashing the Power of the Sharing Economy (Airbnb, Uber, Etc.) by Lifting Restrictions on New Technology
  • Giving Tax Incentive to Business and Individuals that Hire and/or Spend Money in the State of California to Stimulate the Local Economy
  • Proposing an Innovative Strategy to Train and License Veterans to Protect our Schools
  • Proposing an Effective Job Plan to get Poor Unemployed Welfare Recipients Back to Work with a Combination of Workfare, Business Incentives to Hire Local, and Retraining programs to Fix California’s Record Poverty Levels.
  • Proposing a Strategic Plan to Bring Fair & Balanced Gender Pay to the Workplace

Hawk Mikado

Founder of the True American Party, Hakan “Hawk” Mikado, is the first political candidate to run for political office under the party name.

He is an entrepreneur, an adventurer, and a family man. A native of San Diego, but raised in more than 20 different countries around world, Hawk processes a global perspective of the human condition.

Hawk built his first 1 Million dollar business system when he was 17 years old. After co-founding 7 profitable businesses and growing them in the multi-six and seven figures, and seeing self-aggrandizing politicians squeeze the life blood of his profits for under-the-table profits and empty promises, Hawk saw a window of opportunity.

Today, Hawk shares his zone of genius in creating systems and finding needle-in-the haystack solutions with the American people. His business skills and experience make him an unbiased candidate running to solve the nation’s core problems with the benefits of such bestowed upon the citizens of this great nation. Hawk and his wife Kate reside in San Diego, California with their newborn daughter. Vote Your Truth…For A Change.


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