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It’s no secret that entrepreneurship is on the rise. According to Entrepreneur.com, over half a million new businesses are started each month by hopeful entrepreneurs. Technology has opened new and unexplored territories for those ambitious enough to accept the challenge. But a good idea and hard work aren’t enough to keep a business profitable. Seasoned business consultant, Gary Shamis, relays his personal experience with success and failure and gives a business blueprint in hard reality on how to avoid these pitfalls in his new book, Building Blocks: Case Studies of a Serial Entrepreneur.


Gary Shamis

Gary Shamis, award-winning serial entrepreneur, author, and business consultant, assumed responsibility for his father’s accounting firm in 1981. Over the thirty-five years that followed, he took revenues from $225,000 to approaching $100 million and employees from a dozen to 600. He built the 37th largest independent accounting and consulting firm in the nation, before combining SS&G, Inc. with BDO USA, LLP in 2014. Today, as principal of Winding River Consulting, a business advisory services company, Gary is a highly sought after speaker, facilitator, and consultant.


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