Dr. Liz Cruz

A Media Relations Campaign Case Study

01. Campaign Overview

Tina Nunziato and Dr. Liz Cruz hired us to promote their Gastroenterology practice, a new dietary supplement they were launching called EveryDay Enzymes, as well as a Kid’s Health YouTube series featuring their son Kai. The main goal of this campaign was to secure product reviews, article placements, and interviews.

Client: Dr. Liz Cruz
Website: DrLizCruz.com
Services: Media Relations & Product Review

02. Client Info

Dr. Liz Cruz is a gastroenterologist, an author, and (most importantly) a parent of 4 children. She is the creator of Everyday Enzymes™, as well as a variety of other wellness products designed to promote all-natural, holistic wellness. Cruz’s products have received critical acclaim and are widely praised for effectively reducing the need for prescription medicine.

03. Campaign Results

In the course of this 6-month campaign, we attracted interest from 86 total outlets (9 radio interviews, 44 print placements, and 37 review requests).

Dr. Cruz wanted her message to specifically reach health enthusiasts, middle-aged women, and seniors and the placements we secured directly target this audience. Some of the media placements we secured include print placements in nationally recognized magazines like FIRST for Women, Healthy Living, and she is now a regular contributor and “go to holistic” for Bustle! In addition, we secured numerous product reviews on high volume health blogs and also an interview with an editor of AARP (America’s largest organization for seniors).

To see all the media placements we secured for this campaign, click on the button below.

04. What We Did

For this campaign, we built a media list of over 5000 contacts on the national and local level in radio, print, and TV. The media list targeted reviewers, journalists, and editors that specifically cover women’s health, holistic lifestyle, senior interest, alternative medicine, dietary supplements/vitamins, and nutrition. The story was framed in a variety of different ways to appeal to each media type. For print outlets, the pitch was an explicit request for product reviews. One was targeted towards parents looking to have a healthy and holistic lifestyle, For radio and TV, we pitched Dr. Cruz as an expert providing medical advice.

Media Contact List Example

We took advantage of holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s, framing Cruz and her son as health experts providing advice on healthy eating.

To get these stories in front of the media, we reached out through several channels of communication. We sent HTML eblasts, we created and sent physical Media Mailers, we pitched by phone and individualized email, and we also reached out on social media.

Here are a few of the headlines and pitches we wrote for this campaign:


HEALTH HACKS HALLOWEEN: 12-Year-Old Nutrition Expert Shares How to Keep Halloween Healthy & Fun

HOLIDAY HEALTH HACKS: Dr. Shares How to Make the Season of Indulgence as Healthy as Possible

IS YOUR STOMACH MAKING YOU SICK? Holistic Medical Expert Shares Little-Known Condition Affecting Overall Health

An Example of Our Physical Media Mailers and Digital Media Experience

05. Why This Campaign Worked

One reason this campaign was so successful, is because we angled the story to fit in with current events. Since the holidays and the new year are especially hot for health stories, we pitched Dr. Cruz as an expert commenting on diet and nutrition. The media was already looking for stories related to health and wellness and we served them exactly what they needed at exactly the right time.

06. What The Client Said

“My partner and I run a gastroenterology medical practice and we came to Farrow Communications to promote an organic dietary supplement, as well as the practice. After just 1 campaign, we received a total of 27 media placements including a feature in AARP and another in Healthy Living Magazine which is the exact audience we were looking for! The Farrow Communications team was friendly, professional and efficient. I recommend them to anyone trying to market a product or a business.”

– Dr. Liz Cruz, Gastroenterologist & Creator of Everyday Enzymes™

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