Dr. Judy Morgan

A Media Relations Campaign Case Study

01. Campaign Overview

Judy Morgan hired us to promote the release of the new book Yin and Yang Nutrition for Dogs. The main goal of this campaign was to generate excitement and media attention for the book launch and we did this through book reviews, article placements, and author interviews.

Client: Dr. Judy Morgan
Services: Media Relations & Book Review

02. Client Info

Dr. Judy Morgan is a nationally renowned author, speaker, and holistic veterinarian best known for healing her patients with whole foods, minimizing medications and chemicals, allowing the body to heal from within. Dr. Morgan has received critical acclaim in the veterinary industry for integrating Eastern and Western medicine in her two award-winning veterinary practices in New Jersey.

03. Campaign Results

In the course of this 6-month campaign, we secured over 50 media placements (radio interviews, TV interviews, and print features in the form of articles, email interviews, and book reviews.) Nearly all of these placements aired or published before the campaign was through. These placements include top media in the pet/animal industry (The Animal Radio Network, Petful.com, Pets+ Magazine, The Dogington Post, and NovaDog Magazine); as well as TV cooking segments (The Pet Stop, and The Pet Show). In addition, we also secured media coverage in huge mainstream print publications like the Reader’s Digest, Inc, and the National Examiner.

To see all the media placements we secured for this campaign, click on the button below.

04. What We Did

This campaign involved 6 big media pushes. For each media push, we created a new pitch angle, built a new media list of over 4000 contacts, sent an eblast to that list, and created new promo material. In addition, we also reached out by phone and individualized email to a hand-selected call list of prime media contacts.

Media Contact List Example

The media lists were comprised of contacts on the national and local level in radio, print, and TV. They were journalists, editors, and producers that specifically cover pets, pet products, gift guides, general book reviews, animals, holistic lifestyle, and general wellness topics.

The pitches were angled in a variety of different ways based on current events, and the specific media demographic. For radio and TV, we pitched Dr. Morgan as a veterinary expert providing advice on pet health and commentary on the new trend of home cooking for pets. For print outlets, the pitch was an explicit request for book reviews.

To get these stories in front of the media, we reached out through several channels of communication. We sent HTML eblasts, we created and sent physical Media Mailers, we pitched by phone and individualized email, and we also reached out on social media.

Here are a few of the headlines and pitches we wrote for his campaign:


REVIEW THE NEW GIFT PET LOVERS & FOODIES ARE OBSESSING OVER: A Cookbook for Dogs Proving the Healing Power of Whole Foods

KEEPING YOUR PET HEALTHY IN 2019: Veterinarian Shares Why Holistic Pet Health is More than Just a Passing Trend


An Example of Our Physical Media Mailers and Digital Media Experience

05. Why This Campaign Worked

These placements were secured by positioning “pet food cookbooks” as the trendiest, must-have item for foodies and pet lovers for the 2018 holiday. The timing for the book review pitches was perfect as the media was already looking for items to include on gift guide lists. Framing Dr. Morgan as a medical expert commenting on a current pet-related trend garnered interest not only from animal-focused shows, but it also appealed to the mainstream national media giants like Inc, Reader’s Digest, Whole Foods Magazine, and The New York Post! Focusing on a trending topic (pet food cooking) resonated strongly with this demographic. We believe framing her not only as an expert commentator but also as a thought-leader providing insight and advice, secured the placements.

The new year is prime for pitching health stories to the media and we nailed the timing on this. The pitch also included recent statics on the current trend of pet food cooking and it also hinted a warning about pet health. One of the pitch headlines was “Veterinarian Shares Important Dos & Don’ts of Pet Food Cooking” which raised concern and intrigue among readers by encouraging them to ask, “Am I doing anything in the don’t column?!”

06. What The Client Said

“I hired Farrow Communications to promote the release of my new book “Yin and Yang: Nutrition for Dogs”. In addition to drumming up praise and generating buzz for the book, Farrow Comms also promoted my expertise as a holistic veterinarian which gave me more credibility with patients and in my industry. In the course of six months, they secured more than 58 media placements (book reviews, articles, radio interviews, and even TV appearances!) for which I was well briefed and prepared. I even got an interview and was featured in Reader’s Digest and my book was reviewed in Inc. Magazine!”

– Dr. Judy Morgan, holistic veterinarian and author of “Yin and Yang Nutrition for Dogs”

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