dont shoot your future self by eric power


-Insight & Life-Changing Advice from an Active Combat Veteran

Client: Eric Power
Media Request: Book Review

Blurring the lines between fiction and nonfiction, Power’s book, “Don’t Shoot Your Future Self” is a powerful story that shines light on the unique challenges veterans face after leaving the military. Whether you are a veteran or not, this compelling book of self-discovery shares the keys to overcoming some of life’s greatest challenges and the wisdom and insights included are more timely and relevant than ever before.

Power owns and operates Veterans Disability Help, LLC. VDH is leading the way for veterans regarding their VA Disability Benefits. They have served over 2,500 veterans since its incorporation in March of 2015 and have redirected over 2.1 MILLION dollars a month from the VA back to the veterans in VA Disability Benefits. Veterans Disability Help is a professional firm with a team of dedicated individuals that are here for the veterans and their families in need of VA disability assistance.

Eric Power, Veterans Disability Help and “Don’t Shoot Your Future Self” have been featured in 360 Magazine, KCEN-TV, Authority Magazine/ Medium.com, MSN, KHOU 11, WGRZ, Sirius XM Radio, and many more.

For More Information Visit: www.veterandisabilityhelp.com | www.dontshootyourfutureself.com

In An Interview/Article, Eric Can Share:

  • Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Insight & Life-Changing Advice from an Active Combat Veteran
  • Coping w/ PTSD, Mental Health & Beyond
  • The Many Challenges Veterans Face After Returning to Civilian Life
  • Tips & Advice for Veterans & Their Families to Overcome Life’s Challenges
  • Veteran Mental Health: Before, During & After
  • Insights from his book: “Don’t Shoot Your Future Self” (See Info Below) 

Eric Power

Eric Power is an active combat veteran, entrepreneur, social activist, and author of the new book “Don’t Shoot Your Future Self.”

He can share INFORMATIVE & LIFE-CHANGING tips, plus do-it-yourself solutions for the general public, veterans, and their families plagued by the pandemic and beyond.

Eric’s personal experience mixed with his professional approach has helped thousands of veterans and everyday Americans across the country, offering solutions when other resources such as the VA have not.

As the Founder and CEO of Veterans Disability Help, LLC, Eric knows the sacrifices and struggles of civilian veterans. As a mentor and a self-development student, he also knows the keys to overcoming some of the greatest challenges in business and in life.


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