Carew Papritz

A Media Relations Campaign Case Study

01. Campaign Overview

Carew Papritz, an award-winning author of The Legacy Letters, hired us to promote his book and overall brand. The main goal of this campaign was to secure book reviews, article placements, and interviews. This kind of media attention both raises product sales (as consumers are directed to the website buying link) and improves SEO (when the book’s web link or name is mentioned on other sites, it raises the Google Rank).

Client: Carew Papritz
Services: Media Relations & Book Review

02. Client Info

An award-winning timeless and inspirational love story about life The Legacy Letters is about rediscovered private letters from a dying father to his children–and his wife–uncover a passionate and powerful guidebook to life. The letters reveal to us the stories, memories, and music of the father, which ultimately becomes the practical, moral, and spiritual gift and guidebook for his children he’d never live to see, and for his wife, his redemptive story of love.

03. Campaign Results

Over the course of 4 years and several campaigns, we garnered nearly 150 print placements, book reviews and interviews combined. These placements included huge news outlets like Inc., Redbook, HuffPost, IBPA as well as relevant magazines (USA Today Magazine, Funnel, PB Parenting) and radio/TV shows like Into Tomorrow w/ Dave Graveline, KVOA News 4 Tucson, and KGUN News 9. We also received countless placements in parenting blogs.

To see all the media placements we secured for this campaign, click on the button below.

04. What We Did

For each campaign, we built a media list of over 5000 contacts on the national and local level in radio, print, and TV. These media contacts were selected based on their geographic location and subject matter. We chose TV/radio producers, and journalists covering mostly book reviews, lifestyle, parenting, women’s interest, business, marketing, etc. We also targeted bloggers and social media influencers that do book reviews and cover parenting topics.

Media Contact List Example

The story was angled in a variety of different ways to appeal to each media type. For radio and TV, we pitched Carew as an inspirational thought leader, literacy advocate, and parenting expert, talking about the importance of living a legacy life, going back to basics, as well as offering tips to parents and children to read and write more. For print outlets, the pitch was either an explicit request for book reviews or an “expert” pitch, giving advice and takeaways.

To get these stories in front of the media, we reached out through several channels of communication. We sent HTML eblasts, we created and sent physical Media Mailers, we pitched by phone and individualized email, and we also reached out on social media.

Here are a few of the headlines and pitches we wrote for his campaign:

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WHAT’S YOUR SCHOOL YEAR’S RESOLUTION? Literacy Expert Shares How to Help Your Child Have the Best Year Yet!


PROMOTING LITERACY & CURIOSITY IN CHILDREN: Innovative Author Shows Children How to Be Back-to-School Ready with “I Love to Read” Events

RECORD-BREAKING “THANK YOU” LETTER MAKES BIG IMPRESSION: Elementary Students Team Up to Create the World’s Largest Handwritten Thank You Letter

DON’T JUDGE A BUSINESS BY IT’S COVER: “Authorpreneur” Shares the Art of Innovative Marketing

An Example of Our Physical Media Mailers and Digital Media Experience

05. Why This Campaign Worked

One reason this campaign has been so successful is that we always angle the story to fit in with current news, trends, and events. Rather than just giving a synopsis of the book and asking for a review, we incorporate specific reasons why this book needs to be in your reading pile and/or needs to be on your gift list. This timeliness creates an urgency to review. Carew is very versatile when it comes to his passions. We were able to create a different pitch for almost every month as he could talk about a variety of topics with his expertise and background.

Each pitch had a specific request and call to action. Either to book Carew for an interview or to request a sample of the book to review.

06. What The Client Said

“As a result of Farrow Communications, more bookstores and media sources are interested in my book and I have bigger distribution deals than ever! Dave and the team were available 24/7 which was crucial for me.”

– Carew Papritz

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