Can Your Doctor’s Happiness Affect Your Health?

How Innovative Emotional Literacy Training Will Fix America's Medical Burnout Crisis.

Happiness is not a primary focus for many physicians, but it is an increasingly important factor in the healthcare industry. Physician burnout is a growing epidemic in America. Last year more than 50% of doctors reported feelings of fatigue, burnout, and depression according to a survey by Medscape. Although stress has become a common part of corporate American culture, it is much worse in the medical field and the effects are far more damaging.

In addition to a frightening increase in medical error and a heightened malpractice risk, medical burnout is also incredibly expensive. JAMA estimates a hospital with 450 doctors loses $5,625,000 per year due to high burnout and turnover of doctors. This leads to increased healthcare costs which can be calamitous for patients. So what’s causing the burnout and how can we stop this?

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“In order to deliver quality care to patients, it is paramount for doctors to understand how to communicate, how to read nonverbal cues, and how to manage emotions…yet this is not part of the current medical curriculum.”

A Lack of Emotional Literacy That’s Killing Healthcare.

In the past, medical training was about disease and treating illness, but now a different kind of training is taking place in many medical centers – one that focuses on psychology, empathy, and nonverbal communication. Castellano is at the forefront of this training which has been instrumental in stopping the burnout epidemic. The Tampa-based facial plastic surgeon devoted his practice to researching the impact of facial expressions and body language on medical care.

Dr. Rich has performed his trainings in medical schools, at national meetings, and for the military as well. In these innovative new training sessions, doctors learn to: Identify and measure their emotions/empathy/kindness/happiness; Modify the emotions/empathy/kindness/happiness in themselves and others; and diagnose and treat troublesome behavior patterns in patients and healthcare teams before they spiral out of control.

These noble efforts are enhancing patient care and improving the quality of life of healthcare providers. By knowing how to read cues in patient behavior, clinicians are able to better diagnose and treat patients. In addition, patients are more proactive and trusting when they feel connected on an emotional level to a doctor. This can greatly impact a treatment plan and improve the quality of care. Castellano is part of a larger movement across the country of clinicians trying to resolve the burnout epidemic by redesigning healthcare. He has advice for both patients and clinicians on how to solve the problem together using emotional literacy and communication.

“Health comes from healthy behaviors, healthy communication, and healthy emotions. Doctors who understand this will be the leaders of tomorrow and we will be able to transform the healthcare system so it is efficient and effective.”

In An Interview/Article, Dr. Castellano Can Discuss:

  • Communication tips for both patients and doctors that could save your life in the exam room
  • Important nonverbal cues frequently missed by doctors
  • How training practitioners in emotional literacy and communication will improve the healthcare system and save people money
  • How the medical burnout crisis will impact you in 2018

Dr. Richard Castellano

Wall Street Journal best-selling author Rich Castellano MD, (Known as The Smile Dr.) is an experienced facial rejuvenation artist, innovator, and highly sought after trainer. As the Founder/Medical Director of ImageLift®, Dr. Castellano has performed over 10,000 laser and cosmetic treatments, making him one of the most sought-after facial plastic surgeons in the U.S. today.

His new book “The Smile Prescription” explores the art of smiling, facial expression, and innovative communication strategies. Dr. Rich now teaches plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors from across the country as private clients with his award-winning, online coaching and mentoring program, PracticeProfitabilityMD.com Dr. Castellano has made hundreds of live appearances including guest interviews on The Daily Buzz, FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, and numerous other media outlets.


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