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COVID-19 has had an immeasurable impact on the business world. Company hiring practices have changed, as have workplace culture and leadership norms. With companies forced to reevaluate how they approach their day-to-day business, individuals too have been forced to adapt. From navigating new methods of closing deals to determining how to get that next promotion to understanding new methods of leadership, many have found the need to acclimate to the changing world. 

The question is, how does one make that change? What is the secret to realizing your true potential and achieving your goals in the post-pandemic world?

According to Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman, AUTHENTICITY is the key to professional and personal success.

Dr. Sharon is the founder of Inside-Out Learning, Inc. (IOL), a global consulting firm that helps companies with increased employee engagement, improved retention, increased promotions, and revenue growth. “By becoming more authentic as leaders and professionals, success results include 80% promotion rates, 90% retention rates, billions of dollars in sales, getting to ‘yes’ faster in any presentation and improving overall professional and leadership presence and communication,” says Dr. Sharon. 

According to the Center for Talent Innovation, authentic presence counts for at least 26% of whether you make a sale, get selected for a job or impress the love of your life. That percentage can be substantial in terms of professional and personal growth, something Dr. Sharon has seen firsthand. Over her more than two-decade-long career, she has made clients billions of dollars in revenue and has saved clients over one billion dollars simply by utilizing the methods developed for her program, The Authenticity Code, which focuses on leadership transformation that improves professional presence and enhances presentation skills.

So how does one become more authentic, and what is necessary to improve those skills? According to Dr. Sharon, there are some key elements on which to focus. First, your presence, such as warmth, sincerity, confidence, body language and non-verbal communication, will help you better communicate your message. Understanding your audience and tailoring your message to that audience is another factor that will greatly improve your presentation skills. Lastly, it’s important to create a compelling and attention-grabbing presentation with a clear message. “’Your Presence + Your Audience + Your Presentation = Your Success’ is how I like to present it,” says Dr. Sharon. “Focusing on those factors is the secret to improving your professional and personal development.”

In An Interview/Article, Dr. Sharon Can Share:

  • Sales Strategies for the Post-COVID Era
  • The New “Normal” of Deal-Closing & Why Authenticity is More Crucial than Ever 
  • How to get the job promotion that you really want
  • Recouping revenue lost during COVID
  • Development from within- how CEOs can save millions of dollars
  • How to develop a culture of authenticity with your employees
  • Leadership Advice for the Return to Workplace Normalcy


Dr. Sharon Lamm-Hartman is the Founder and CEO of Inside Out Learning, Inc. (IOL), an award‐winning global leadership, team and organization development consulting business. In addition to running IOL, Dr. Sharon is a global executive and presentation skills coach, leadership and organization development consultant, speaker, writer, educator, wife and mom. She has designed and delivered over 2,000 innovative programs, including many women’s development and executive presence and presentation skills programs. Dr. Sharon has coached thousands of CEOs, executives, educators, professionals, and entrepreneurs worldwide. In her upcoming book, The Authenticity Code: The Art and Science of Success and Why You Can’t Fake It to Make It, Dr. Sharon helps you understand that the secret to your success lies in being your authentic self. 


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