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Allison Jones

Allison Kelly Jones is a southside Chicago native who joined the military after high school and traveled the country as a federal contractor and subject matter expert in human resources, business development, and federal personnel programs. She was the on-air talent for her eponymous business show on CBS AM, “The Big Talker” in Washington D.C. Allison spent a vast amount of her career mentoring and coaching many people to personal and business success and has been sought after to deliver powerful and contemporary lectures on topics that engage, empower and inspire people to live their most genuine and happy lives. Her philosophy is, “we are here to learn who we are and what we are here to do, and whatever it is, it is to be shared.”

Manifestation is truly the only way to have the life you desire most and Allison instructs people on how to manifest their dreams, doing so as a personal and business coach and also as a professor of business in Arizona.


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