Do Authors Need An EPK?... Yes... Yes, they really do.

Professional Authors Need a

Professional Electronic

Press Kit

If you want hype for your book, land interviews, reviews, and media attention
-you need an EPK that works from the experts at Farrow Communications.
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Your book is finally finished (or nearly) and now you need to get the word out! But with thousands of new books released each day, it’s incredibly difficult to get noticed in the crowded book marketplace. An EPK is critical for book marketing!


Are you serious about selling books and getting attention? Ready to launch your book and need to contact journalists, reviewers, meeting planners, book buyers, bloggers, and distributors? (If your book is already on the market, It isn’t too late!)


This kit provides an action plan and all of the materials you need to: solicit & secure book reviews, contact the media & land Interviews, entice distributors, secure book signings & events, and sell as many books as possible!


An EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is a comprehensive ‘go-to’ destination for anything a media outlet would need to cover your story. EPK’s can also be expanded to help speakers and JV partners do deals. Trust the experts with this most important set of documents.


No more fumbling with attachments and online folders. Your EPK will live permanently on our servers. Sending your EPK only takes one link making the process smooth and easy, giving you a professional look and feel in all online communications.

The Author EPK includes the following:

Author Bio – Written in the third, the author bio would be used not only on every pitch we would send out to the media but also by media outlets in any articles, interviews, bylined articles, or book excerpts published.

Interview Q&A’s – This can be example questions and your answers if you haven’t been interviewed by anyone yet. These can not only be used to help better inform us and/or the media about you and your story, but can also be printed in full should a media outlet chooses to.

Bio & Headshot – A high-resolution picture of yourself provided by you that will be used in your pitches to the media (these are frequently required by media outlets for any interviews/articles).

Sample Book Reviews – Reviews praising your book are obviously a great method to provide hype for your book. If you do not have any, we can work to get some for you through media pitches or through services like NetGalley.

Book Cover Image – A high-resolution image of both the front cover of the book as well as the full front and back cover provided by you or the publisher (these are frequently required by media outlets for any interviews/articles).

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Free Sample Chapter of Your Book – Not only does offering a sample of your writing create a snapshot of your book, but it can also be published in their entirety as a way to promote the book and entice readers to purchase the entire book.

Book information – Retail information about the book, provided by you or the publisher, including: Title, Author, Publication date, Available at, ISBN (include both your e-book and paperback), Retail price, Page count, Genre/subgenre

Media One Sheet – A Media One Sheet acts as an engaging press release to promote the publication of your book.

Links of Previous Coverage – As your campaign progresses, we will gather and provide links to coverage from previous interviews, articles, bylined articles and/or reviews.

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Brian Smith, Founder of UGG™

“I took an interest in Dave because of his passion for being an entrepreneur, and his brain powers. He has great insight, advice and experience to help new entrepreneurs and existing companies to be more successful. I highly recommend working with Farrow Communications.”

Brian Tracy, Founder & CEO of Brian Tracy International™

“Think of Dave Farrow as an ‘accelerationist’. Working with him and the Farrow Communication’s team is like putting your foot on the accelerator – once it’s on, there’s no stopping! I’d recommend business owners and other people seeking a public presence to get Dave’s materials. Work with Dave. Get his advice and counsel and just see where it takes you.”

 -Deborah Santana, author and editor of All the Women in My Family Sing

“”Farrow Communications helped promote the release of the anthology I edited. They worked hard to get my voice and message right in the pitch and they sent the story to the right audience. In addition to securing numerous book reviews on blogs and radio interviews, they also secured features in huge outlets like NPR, Bust Magazine, and Ms. Magazine. I definitely recommend their services to anyone promoting a book.”

Carew Papritz, Author of “The Legacy Letters”

“As a result of Farrow Communications, more bookstores and media sources are interested in my book and I have bigger distribution deals than ever! Dave and the team were available 24/7 which was critical for me.”

– Lou Aronica, CEO of The StoryPlant Publishing

“Working with Farrow Communications was a great experience. I run a small press publishing company and since we do not have an internal promotions / marketing department, I hired Farrow to get publicity for the launch of our latest title: How to Fall in Love. Thanks to their efforts, the authors got a handful of radio / podcast interviews and dozens of book reviews. We’re already looking forward to working with Farrow Communications on future campaigns.”

Karol Hoeffner, Film and TV Writer, Chair of Screenwriting at LMU in Los Angeles, and Author of “Knee Deep”

“Farrow Communications is a well-oiled professional PR machine that gets results. Publicist Arden Izzo designed a campaign that both reflected the heart of my YA novel and reframed it into the current zeitgeist. She created a series of on-target pitches that garnered wide media exposure of influencers and important outlets like NPR and Reader’s Digest.”

Michael Hoolihan & Bonnie Harvey, Founders of Barefoot Wine™

“Dave and Farrow Communications have impressed us and our team. They really know how to take a business to the next level. ”

-Opa Hysea Wise, Author of “No Place to Hide”

“I did not know I needed help until help arrived. I first met Dave, Arden and the team over the phone and I must say I felt very much at ease. They walked me through their process, developed a marketing strategy and within days they had garnered podcast and magazine interviews on my behalf. It seemed every week a new opportunity was secured. Print and digital media outlets requested byline and articles from me. And the reviews of my book poured in. Their marketing strategy was on point. Yet here’s the thing—while I wanted publicity around my new novel, I was terrified of stepping into the public—I’m shy as…well you get the idea. “Not to worry” Arden said. “We’ll get you ready,” and they did. I had an in depth coaching session with Dave and by the end of it, felt I could take on most any interview I agreed to participate in. Listen, if you are pondering whether to hire a publicist, sitting on the fence wondering whether or not you need one- you probably do so get off the fence and hire one. And please do yourself a huge favor — hire Dave and his team. 5 stars for Farrow Communications.”

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