The Book Marketing Checklist

Welcome, author! 

Marketing your new release can be confusing if you don’t know where to begin! That’s why at Farrow Communications, we have developed the ultimate guide for authors looking to navigate the complex world of book marketing. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a debut author, having a solid marketing plan is essential for reaching your audience and maximizing the success of your book. In this comprehensive checklist, we’ll break down the key steps you need to take to effectively market your book and increase your chances of success. Our e-book also gives a more comprehensive overview with step by step instructions and actual bullet points you can check off! 

The first step is to prioritize and organize the critical actions leading up to your launch. This will ensure that your book launch is a success and reaches your target audience! This is known as creating a “launch plan.”

While creating your launch plan, you will: 


  • Collect all your images, book covers, endorsements, and elevator pitch. 
  • Create a launch team if needed. 
    • This can be experts or your publishing company that can assist you in collecting materials and getting ready for media exposure.
  • Plan a budget!
    • Most authors don’t have an unlimited book launch budget. Oftentimes, this isn’t even needed! Most authors find success with a launch that is part DIY and part professional. 
  • Create a website or landing page:
    • A good website or landing page is crucial for book sales. Your website should include a compelling description of the book, photos, reviews, and information about you as the author. Above all, it should contain all purchasing information and links with a clear “call-to-action” to buy (or pre-order).
  • Define Your Target Audience:
    • Identify the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your ideal readers.
    • Research where your target audience spends their time online and offline.
  • Develop a Strong Brand Identity:
    • Create a compelling author brand that reflects your writing style and genre.
    • Design a professional author website and social media profiles.
  • Craft an Engaging Book Description:
    • Write a captivating book blurb that entices readers to learn more.
    • Optimize your description for keywords relevant to your genre and target audience.
  • Leverage Advance Reader Copies (ARCs):
    • ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy and a Gally is similar. These are ways to get your book into the hands of important people before it’s available to the general population.
    • Get your ARCs and Galleys printed as soon as possible because you’ll need them to get the word out about the book.
    • Some reviewers and media outlets prefer to read the book in a digital format, so it is important to ask your publisher for DIGITAL ARCs, as well. Ideally, you can get the digital book in a variety of formats (PDF, epub, and .mobi are the most popular).
    • Don’t just send the barebones PDF manuscript to reviewers – make it look professional with the cover art in the front and back.
    • Distribute ARCs to influencers, beta readers, and reviewers to generate buzz before launch.
    • Encourage early reviews on platforms like Goodreads and Amazon.
  • Build an Author Platform:
    • Grow your email list by offering exclusive content or incentives.
    • Engage with your audience on social media and participate in online communities related to your genre.
    • Create promotional content, such as book promo flyers and author media one pages with talking points.
  • Plan a Strategic Book Launch Date:
    • Set a launch date and create a countdown plan to build anticipation.
    • Organize virtual or in-person launch events, including readings, Q&A sessions, or giveaways.
    • A fun and exciting way to reward your followers and build your brand is with a virtual book launch. Virtual Launches are becoming increasingly more popular in the age of zoom and for good reason. They are incredibly user-friendly and effective because attendance is not bound by geography or time (as they can be recorded and replayed).
      • For more information on how to plan a successful virtual book launch, see our E-book HERE.
  • Utilize Online Marketing Channels:
    • Run targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.
    • Create engaging content for your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel to attract new readers.
  • Pursue Media Opportunities:
    • Pitch yourself to relevant podcasts, blogs, and traditional media outlets for interviews or guest posts.
    • Prepare a press kit with your author bio, high-resolution images, and key talking points about your book.
    • Looking for help with media exposure? Farrow Communications specializes in author publicity. We have an extensive network of book reviewers and media contacts in both the publishing and book review world, but also national and global media outlets.
  • Engage with Book Communities:
    • Participate in book clubs, forums, and literary events to connect with potential readers.
    • Collaborate with other authors for joint promotions or cross-promotional opportunities.
    • Appearances at local bookstores and other venues are a great way to generate interest in your book, as communities often like to support local authors. You’ll want to approach bookstores and venues early, as bookstores generally set their in-store event calendar a few months in advance.
  • Monitor and Adapt Your Marketing Strategy:
    • Track key performance metrics such as book sales, website traffic, and social media engagement.
    • Analyze what strategies are working and adjust your marketing plan accordingly.


In conclusion, marketing your book may seem like it is a daunting task, but with careful planning and execution, you can increase your visibility and attract more readers in no time! By following this comprehensive checklist, you’ll be equipped with the tools and strategies needed to successfully promote your book and achieve your publishing goals. Remember, building a loyal readership takes time and effort, so stay patient and persistent in your marketing efforts. 


Good luck!


For more information, check out the Farrow Communications book launch check-list!