The Psychology of Color Choice in Marketing

In marketing, the choice of color you decide to use is crucial when considering the type of emotions that you want to elicit from consumers. The human mind identifies certain colors and immediately react to the type of emotions that color evokes. Here we will be discussing what exactly are the multitude of emotions that certain colors trigger, so you could decide how you want to organize and execute your choice of colors.



1. The Red

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We begin with the color Red, one of the most intense and alerting colors. Some of the many characteristics that this color has it that it provides high visibility for anyone visiting your page. Much of marketing is being able to attract consumers to one specific aspect of your business that would entice them to do business with you. The color Red will help highlight anything you want while also having the ability of enticing the mind to make a quick decision. Mainly associated with words like energy, the use of Red could be useful when trying to instill energy to buy within the consumer.


2. The Green

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With all the current talks of climate change and global warming, the color Green has certainly become very popular amongst companies. Apart from meaning the obvious like eco-friendly, Green is often associated with the idea of stability as well, both financial and in terms of health as well. It is commonly used in the medical industry as pharmaceutical companies use Green as a comforting color for the eyes and as the symbol for stable health. While also obviously the color of money, terms like “save now” and “risk free” are often the most effective in consumers when colored in the Green as again, it supports the idea of stability and endurance in the mind.


3. The Blue

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We often tend to associate the color Blue with sadness and depression, but the fact is in marketing, the color Blue signifies much more. Marketing professionals consider Blue to be the color that instills trust and loyalty which is crucial to establish. Also known to produce a calming effect, the color Blue essentially is the opposite of what Red could do the consumers. When used properly, Blue could be the ideal color to use when trying to establish a truthful and calming environment for the consumer.


4. The Black & White

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Finally, the colors Black and White are two colors whose characteristics are easy to identify however, there are emotions that these colors evoke in others that is not widely known about. First, the use of black as a background is not recommended as it diminishes the ability for the user to read any text on your page, even if the text is bright the contrast will make reading difficult. Black is often associated with mysterious and fear, so its recommend to not use Black exclusively. White, on the other hand has the positive connotation that consumers look for when doing business. The color has the reputation of representing simplicity, which is the ideal mindset that as a business you’ll want to establish with the consumer. Also, unlike Black, White is most of the time the preferable background choice for websites as it increases readability.