Accomplishing the Impossible: Reaching Elderly Through Social Media

On my way to work today I saw not just one, not two, but at least five older men and women on their cellphones, and I’m not talking the iconic flip phone of simpler times. These elderly folks had iPhones, Galaxies, and smart devices galore. Just a couple years ago this would have been an unheard-of observation. There was a clear distinctive gap between the new and emerging technologically dependent generation and the older generation who shied away from any modernized changes to their lifestyle. Now, this shift in how older generations are excepting technology is everywhere.



Why Is This Change Occurring?

The anti-tech older generation is giving in to the demands of our current society because they have come to a major realization. Social media is a platform for communication. Before you say… well duh. Think about it. Our world is becoming more global. With this globalization, family members are farther apart than ever. How can they stay up to date with these family members? Social Media. It’s more convenient than phone calls, you can get more creative than in an email, and who sends anything by post anymore? This is all starting to dawn on the older generation. To maintain relationships with the younger generation, older people now have to get some tech and get on social media. It’s as simple as that.


What Does This Mean For The Market:

This shift has caused social media marketing to expand to a new target, this older population. It’s time that marketing starts to take advantage of this element. Why spend massive amounts of money marketing to both social media and through countless other marketing outlets when everyone is online? This shift can result is saving money, time, and energy by narrowing your marketing strategy and taking advantage of social media advertising. The more the older generation becomes comfortable with social media, the more they will realize just how much they can benefit from it. Especially as members of this generation find it more and more difficult to go out and get around town, they have the ability to take advantage of internet advertising to meet their needs and marketers can benefit right alongside with them.


Where Are We Going From Here:

This societal shift is only getting stronger. This strength isn’t just in accordance with the growing number of those turning to the internet for connection, but as time continues to pass, a generational turnover is also occurring. Middle-aged members of society who jumped on the technological bandwagon long before our elders found we were accessible through social media are starting to retire and join the older population. Although these people have a grasp on technology and the abilities of the internet, their technological expertise was directed towards their work. Now they are focusing on technology as more of a relationship bridge instead of a professional platform. This transition demonstrates the weight of marketing to this population sector. The number of internet users and explorers is magnifying with your social media marketing as the gateway to their channel of discovery.

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